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R’ Meir Raphaels gave up all his money to buy tzitzis

R. Meir Raphaels, a Chossid of the Alter Rebbe, was once on the road. He stopped the wagon because his tzitzit were possul and did not want to continue on his way until they were fixed.
So he stayed put for many hours.
In the evening, he saw a Jew coming towards him. He stopped him and asked if he had spare strings so he could fix his tzitzis.
The Jew responded that it would be difficult for him to sell him Tzitzis.
R’ Meir offered him more and more money. But the man refused.
R’ Meir asked him to name his price.
The Jew said, “You are a merchant, and you have money. Give all you have.”
R’ Meir agreed. Ho bought the Tzitizis and they both went happily on their way.
The next time R’ Meir went to visit the Alter Rebbe, the Alter Rebbe went to the bookcase, took some coins and gave them to R’ Meir.
It was the exact amount that he had paid for the tzitizis. The Alter Rebbe was (perhaps) intimating that the Jew was none other Eliyahu Hanavi sent to test him as to what lengths he would go to keep the mitzva of tzitzis (despite the fact that there were several reasons why he was allowed to continue his travels: it was night, he was in a wagon, it was a sakanah…..)

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